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Goal is multicenter and prospective registry which evaluates
treatment results of atrial fibrillation
using therapeutic, interventional and surgical approaches.
Primary end points Primary end points – presence/absence
of atrial fibrillation
[1 year evaluation period]
Study design Observation cohort prospective study Secondary end points Death of any causes, AF complications,
adverse effects of
the antiarrhythmic drugs
[1 year evaluation period]
Official name of the study Long Term Registry of evaluation of atrial fibrillation treatment results (DELEMA)
Start of enrollment: 1 February 2015 Stop of enrollment: 1 February 2017 End of study: January 2024
Groups: Treatment approaches
001 Patients with atrial fibrillation Radiofrequency ablation, pacemaker implantation rhythm control drugs, rate control drugs; pacemaker implantation + rhythm and/or rate control drugs

Study description:

Analysis of guidelines and recommendation for treatment of atrial fibrillation shows us that today there is no standardized approach to treatment of atrial fibrillation. Registry DELEMA (ДЕЛЕМА) is going to be the first Russian multicenter registry, which will include atrial fibrillation patients with different of clinical time coarse of arrhythmia (paroxysmal, persistent, permanent, lon-lasting persistent).
It is assumed active participation in the work of therapists, cardiologists, heart surgeons, electrophysiologists and others.
Patients will be treated to the correspondence to physicians (registered in the Registry) preference. Clinical results will be evaluated and filled to the Registry at the baseline, then every year during ten years. Physicians will be evaluate demographic, risk factors, clinical time coarse of atrial fibrillation, comorbidity, adverse effects of drugs, complications of atrail events, cardiovascular events, cardiovascular and common mortality at the baseline and during yearly follow up visits We assume that data results of 10 years of observation will be useful for choice of optimal approach for treatment of atrial fibrillation patients
Accessibility Older 18 Gender: both
Who can take the part in the Registry?
Therapists, cardiologists, heart surgeons, electrophysiologists